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Here at Big M Lincoln, we are taking extra precautions when dealing with the sanitization of our dealership and our products. We have established a list of guidelines that our staff members are
taking to prevent the spread of the virus from coming through our doors.
– All of our service employees who deal with customer vehicles are to wear gloves when handling a customer’s property.
– Disinfecting Exterior door handles, Steering wheel (including buttons), Center console (outside only), Gear Selector (Dial/Handle), Radio/HVAC Areas, Touchscreen, Start/Stop button, Driver
door armrest and center console, Window/Seat/Mirror controls, Rear View Mirror, Seatbelt Buckle & Anchor, Key Fobs.
– Ensuring that all vehicles, after being given out for test drives and service loaners, are properly cleaned and disinfected.
– Ensuring that interior and exterior doors in the dealership are wiped down multiple times throughout the day to ensure that they are properly cleaned.
– Customer waiting room is constantly being wiped down (armrests, coffee tables)
– Each sales professional and front-line employee has access to disinfectant wipes and latex gloves which are readily used.
– Any of our departments can operate over the phone and can operate as normal without being physically present in the dealership.
– Any employee that thinks they have similar symptoms is immediately getting tested for COVID-19 and mandatory 14-day quarantine.
– Employees at Big M Lincoln are ensuring they are constantly washing their hands regularly throughout the day if they are not using Latex gloves.

We take this pandemic into serious consideration when dealing with our customers and want the best for our customers and their safety is our number one priority. That is why we have established
these guidelines to ensure that our customers feel comfortable coming into the dealership as well as having our staff are here to help anybody in need. If you have any questions about what actions Big M is taking to prevent COVID-19 please do not hesitate to call and we would be happy to help!

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you soon!

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